Celebrating Our Faith


The school’s Religious Education program is taught from K through to Year 6 and is coordinated by Genevieve Williamson, the REC Religious Education Coordinator with support from the RE and Spirituality Team at Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Schools Office.


At Holy Name School we employ a Pastoral Care Worker to support the staff and students during the school week.  The Pastoral Care Worker and REC lead the ‘Seasons for Growth’ Program for students in times of grief in their lives.  This program operates once a week, over a number of weeks along with a reconnector program, once a year.  The Pastoral Care Worker is available to nurture and care for all involved in the school and wider community.  The Pastoral Care Worker leads the students in the Mini Vinnies Program and outreach activities in the Parish.


Religious Education is a daily curriculum area taught from K - 6 using outcome based programs and assessment strategies used in all other subjects.

The school’s RE program is one collaborated by the Maitland/Newcastle CSO RE and is used in all Diocesan Schools.  The units of work have been produced by teachers in the Maitland/Newcastle Diocesan schools.  The K-12 Syllabus is an outcome based document set in stages Early Stage One to Stage Six.  The outcomes are arranged in stages according to the Four Strands:

  • Jesus and Scripture
  • History and Beliefs
  • Celebration and Prayer
  • Justice and Morality.


Throughout the school year a variety of liturgies are held in relationship with the Church Seasons, special feast days and celebrations:  Mother’s Day / Father’s Day / NAIDOC Week / Mission Week / Mary McKillop Feast Day / Grandparent’s Day / Catholic Schools Week Liturgy.  Class Liturgies and Whole School Masses are timetabled as well as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day Services.  Liturgies where possible are timetabled at 12.30 pm on a Friday.  All classes attend Parish Mass on a Friday once a term.

Parents and friends are always encouraged to attend these celebration Liturgies and / or Masses.  Specific dates / times are included in the Holy Name Herald, Schoolzine App or through invitations issued by a particular class / REC.

The children are actively involved in class, whole school and weekend Liturgies and Masses, through prayer, song and instrumentals, reading The Word and altar serving.  Year 4, 5 and 6 children are encouraged to become altar servers to serve on weekends and School Class Masses.  The relationship between School and Parish is vibrant and enthusiastic.


Each year children and their families are invited to participate in the Parish-based Sacramental Program.  The program is coordinated by the Sacramental Team and Fr Greg Barker.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation is undertaken in Year 2.  The Sacrament of Eucharist and Confirmation in Year 3.  These programs include parent gatherings with the Sacramental Team and Father Greg.  Parent / Child sessions are opportunities for families to gather, to listen, participate and respond to their faith commitment and follow the Vatican II guidelines and Maitland / Newcastle Sacrament of Initiation Guidelines that stress that parents are the prime educators in the Catholic faith of their children.  These gatherings have proved successful and are places for parents to portray an enthusiasm and a willingness to be more involved in their child’s Catholic Faith Education.  The Sacramental Program encourages families to share their faith through song, the Gospel and activities to consolidate the life experiences of the sacrament being studied.  Children go on retreat at the Bishop's Office Newcastle and Cape Hawke to enable them to have some time together as a whole group to reflect and also to prepare for Sacrament being received.


In addition to the daily RE program there are activities that the school integrates into their program. Students practice Christian meditation in a classroom setting on a regular basis. Project Compassion (Term 1), Mini Vinnies Pyjama Day (Term 2) and the Winter Appeal (Term 3) are opportunities to raise money for those people in our community and overseas that are in need.

Mission Week occurs in Term 4.  Holy Name School learns about the work of Catholic Mission in underdeveloped countries.  A fantastic effort is always made by the Holy Name School community on Mission Day.  Children, their parents and friends this year raised approximately $2000 by running a variety of fundraising stalls.  Holy Name students really know how to mission to each other.

The teachers at Holy Name School are continually updating their Faith Accreditation through attending courses at Catholic Schools Office, locally in Parish Programs or as individually studying for Graduate Certificate in Religious Education, Master in Educational Leadership or Masters of Theology.  Staff are nurtured through spiritual reflection and participate in Professional Development and Retreats organized for our school and / or all Manning schools.

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